Shan Product Range

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Traditional Recipes: Shan Foods Recipe Mix is a mouthwatering treat for every taste bud. It brings your way a perfect blend of recipes that are cooked to help you make an aromatic and tantalizing dish.

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Shan Oriental Recipes: offer the true taste of the orient; taking consumers through the food destinations of four countries, that is, Chinese, Malaysian, Indonesian and Filipino Cuisines.

Magical Arabic Recipes: Shan now takes this opportunity to explore delicious Arabic Cuisines by launching a wide range of Arabic Recipes that will bring a True Arabic Taste to your Table.

Delve Desserts: gives you an experience of sweetness like never before! Discover the world of Delve Desserts where a wide variety of rich, creamy and flavorsome desserts are ready to delight you with an indulging Delve experience that is Simply WOW!……Delve Desserts are available in enticing variants of Custard, Jelly and Pudding.

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Shan Shoop noodles: The fast food revolution has left kids with very few healthy food options. That is why your favorite company Shan Foods, came up with a simple but brilliant idea of making noodles tasty and nutritious. Yes, now you can Shoop your instant noodles!

Available in six exciting flavors such as Chicken, Masala, Spicy Lemon, BBQ, Ketchup, and Bombay Biryani, Shoop Noodles have 50% more wheat protein tha……ordinary noodles making it a healthy and scrumptious choice. Just rip open the contents, mix them in water and cook for a couple of minutes to savor a delightful bowl of noodles.

So every time your stomach calls for a healthy meal, make your taste buds rock and roll with yummy Shoop noodles!………Because with Shan Shoop – Mita Do Bhook!

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